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Make the world your tripod with Vanguard Clamp Duo

Posted on Apr 29, 2022

Stick them in your pocket and go! Vanguard Clamps are made for the roaming photographer

Reinforced durability and impressive portability make the VEO CP-46 and VEO CP-65 perfect companions for intrepid globetrotters. When partnered with a support arm – or magic arm, like the VEO TSA DLX, for example – the clamps transform almost any surface into a base. They really diminish the need for a tripod.

Let’s get into the specs. At the end of each clamp sit two threaded holes (¼” and 3/8”) allowing the addition of any support arm. There is a third 1/4” threaded hole on the opposite side of the locking knob for maximal versatility, and each hole integrates bayonet slots on each side, eliminating slipping at set up.

The perfect ally for the VEO TSA DLX, each clamp features a rubber pad that protects the surface it is attached to. Conveniently there is also a clasp with swings 180°, locating the prime position on any surface, including tables, poles or railings.

The VEO CP-46 weighs 120g with a load of 1.5kg, and the CP-65 weighs 160g and bears a load of 2.5kg.

Available for purchase in May 2022, the CP-46 clamp retails at £59.99 and the CP-65 at £69.99.

Go to Vanguard’s website for more.

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