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Leica drop the stylish Summicron-M 28 f/2 ASPH.

Posted on Apr 25, 2022

The stunning Summicron-M 28 f/2 ASPH. has been hailed as the ultimate in performance for reportage photographers.

Leica has now released the Summicron-M 28 f/2 ASPH. in matte black. Living up to its reputation of combining art and engineering, Leica have created an extremely scratch resistant coating, and easy-to-use integrated lens hood – quickly extending with one swift twist – to devise an elegant lens.

But that’s not all. Leica’s new wide-angle lens is fast, compact, and able to deliver exceptional performance – especially noticeable at f/2. Also impressive in critical light situations by eliminating flare and distractions from the image, the Summicron’s reconfigured optical design delivers versatility and incredible speed. It may even banish astigmatic differences in the image field, making for powerful contrast and visually pleasing bokeh.

Chiefly designed as a complementary piece to the M10-P “Reporter” (as seen with the matching colourways), the Summicron is an excellent accessory to any other M camera.

If you’re interested in purchasing the new lens, find it at specialist retailers and direct from Leica themselves or £4,000.

To read more on the Summicron, go to Leica’s website.

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