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Laowa expands ultra-fast aperture series with Argus 28mm f/1.2 FF lens

Posted on Apr 26, 2023

A modern take on a classic, the Argus 28mm f/1.2 FF is a great option for street, landscape and environmental portraits

Engineered for versatility, Laowa’s new Argus 28mm f/1.2 FF lens pledges a solid option for everyday use and use in low-light situations. As the angle of view is slightly wider than the average, it’s performance for street, landscape and environmental portraits looks promising.

From s storytelling perspective, the lens holds a strong position. When compared to the most in vogue lenses – the 50mm and 35mm – the 28mm has an angle of view of 75.4°, allowing it to feature more details from the surroundings. To give greater control, photographers can use the f/1.2 aperture to decide how much of the background they want to include and how isolated the subject is.

A 13-blade aperture promises creamy and round bokeh, performing at its best in scenes with light at the back. When it comes to low light, photographers can shoot with a fast shutter speed, making it a good option for night photography.

The lens features two UHR and two ED glasses for sharpness and contrast, while being optimised to meet the needs of videographers. There is an aperture ring click switch mechanism and internal focusing.

Available in four mount options (Sony E, Nikon Z, Canon RF and L mount), the lens boasts wide appeal. A 62mm filter thread is available for any screw-in filters, which provides photographers the creative space to achieve shallow depth of field if required – even when the sun is up. Weighing 562g, the lens is lightweight enough for traveling.

The Laowa Argus 28mm f/1.2 FF is available now from the Venus Optics official website and authorised resellers for $599.

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