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Laowa releases two Argus lenses

Posted on Nov 3, 2022

Both are semi-wide angle with ultra-fast apertures, ideal for everyday use

Cover image © Lin Guan Chang

Laowa, manufactured by Venus Optics, has released two new Argus lenses: the 18mm f/0.95 MFT APO and 25mm f/0.95 APS-C APO. Both lenses are semi-wide with a 35mm equivalent focal length, making them ideal for everyday use in portrait, landscape, and street photography.

Both Argus lenses have ultra-fast apertures, with nine blades ranging between f/0.95 and 11, making them ideal for low-light environments. With shallow depths of field and close focusing distances of 20cm (18mm) and 34cm (25mm), they produce images with both pronounced bokeh and sharp contrast. The lenses also come with Apochromatic Optical (APO) Design, which counteracts aberration in both in- and out-of-focus areas.

The Laowa lenses are video-friendly, with features like low focus breathing to reduce distractions. The Aperture Ring Click Switch Mechanism also lets users adjust aperture mid-shooting. The 18mm is compatible with Micro Four-Thirds mounts, while the 25mm works with Sony E, Nikon Z, Canon RF and EF-M, and Fujifilm X mounts. Both also support accessories, such as polarisers, letting users customise their images without editing. Finally, both are light and compact, weighing below 600g and measuring less than 85mm in length.

The 18mm and 25mm lenses cost a modest $449 and $549, respectively (prices may vary within the UK). Both are available now via Venus Optics’ website.

Laowa Argus 18mm & 25mm f/0.95 APO lenses

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