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Leamington Spa Photography Exhibition Opens This Weekend

Posted on Apr 24, 2024

The Leamington Spa Photographic Society (LSPS) is set to open its annual photographic exhibition this weekend at All Saints’ Parish Church in Leamington Spa

Running from 27th April to 5th May, the exhibition is free for the public and will feature approximately 200 prints and digital images from photographers across Warwickshire.

A black and white image of the iconic Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in London. The long exposure creates a smooth surface on the River Thames and a sky streaked with motion-blurred clouds, giving the scene a timeless, grand quality.

Twelve Thirty-six by Odie Evans

Showcasing Local Talent

Among the highlights of this year’s exhibition is ‘Mirror Image’ by Yvonne Shillington, which earned the top award in the Colour Print category at the society’s recent competition.

The competition, judged by Louise Hill MCPF from the Permajet Photographic Academy, showcased a high standard of entries, reflecting the vibrant photographic community in the region.

The exhibition also includes notable works such as ‘There Goes the Bus’ by Martin Johnson, ‘Ghost Train’ by Ken Pinfold, and ‘Last Days of Autumn’ by Keith Roberts, which represent a range of photographic styles and subjects.

Two delicate pink roses with soft petals, one fully open and the other partially, are photographed against a white background, casting a subtle reflection below, illustrating a gentle and pure aesthetic.
Mirror Image by Yvonne Shillington

Exhibition Opening Ceremony

The exhibition will be formally opened by the Mayor of Leamington, Councillor Alan Boad, on 26th April. The opening event will include the presentation of awards to the winners of the society’s annual competition classes.

The photographic exhibition at All Saints on Victoria Terrace will be open from 10:30am-5:30pm Monday-Saturday and 12:00pm-5:00pm on Sunday. For more information visit the LSPS website.

A serene forest scene in autumn with a foggy atmosphere. Various trees with thin trunks rise from a carpet of fallen orange leaves. The soft fog diffuses light, creating a tranquil and ethereal woodland setting.
Last Days of Autumn by Keith Roberts
A long-exposure night shot captures the vibrant streaks of light from moving vehicles. The light trails curve through the frame, with city street scenery in the background including illuminated buildings and signage.
There Goes the Bus by Martin Johnson

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