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Manfrotto Pro Light Bumblebee range launched

The Pro Light Bumblebee camera bag range consists of two backpacks and two messenger bags.

Adding to its collection of bags Manfrotto has launched the Pro Light Bumblebee range. The new range consists of two backpacks and two messengers bags that offer protection for gear and comfortable support for the user. Available to pre-order now, prices start from £109.95. For more information read the official Manfrotto press release below:

Manfrotto introduces the new Pro Light Bumblebee camera bag family

Comfort and Performance, Redefined 

•  Breathable design – Comfortable carrying solutions for professional & amateur outdoor photography

•  Super lightweight construction – Carry more lenses and stay comfortable even with prolonged use

•   High performance materials – Rip-stop fabric and Manfrotto Protection System safeguard equipment

Manfrotto, world leader in the photography, imaging equipment and accessories industry, presents the new Pro Light Bumblebee camera bag family – ground breaking solutions for exacting forward-thinking photographers.

Manfrotto’s new Pro Light Bumblebee bags are perfect for professional photographers and videographers who work outdoors and want a reliable carrying solution that lets them stay comfortable in the harshest of conditions, despite high temperatures, extreme cold or high humidity.

Superior Performance, Quality & Comfort

The new Pro Light Bumblebee family is an exceptional assortment of high-performance camera backpacks and messenger bags with aesthetics and technical qualities that perfectly embody Manfrotto’s Italian heritage. 

Inside, the bags are innovatively designed to safeguard the latest professional equipment options. The renowned Camera Protection System dividers take extra care of camera bodies and lenses. They are fully adjustable and built to distribute weight evenly and avoid tension to the body.

We listened to our customers, and made the Bumblebee backpacks even better.

The new Manfrotto Bumblebee backpacks are designed to take stress and heat off the shoulders, neck and lower back.

The innovative AirSupport breathable harness and back panel, adjustable sternum support, shaped hip and waist support systems ensure a comfortable carry and enables users to cover more ground and locate the best spots for perfect shots. A side handle helps users put the pack on or take it off, while elastic side pockets keep water bottles outside the critical gear zone.

Added features:

The removable Manfrotto Camera Protection System inserts safeguard equipment right at the heart of the pack and keep it organized with the efficiency of a portable studio. The whole internal space is padded to protect camera gear and can be configured to accommodate 70% photography kit and 30% accessories and personal gear.

The main zipper comes with 4 pullers which can be divided by a stopper into top & lower compartment. Just open the top zipper for rapid access to frequently used contents from above.

A smart NeverLose tripod connection secures both longer and shorter tripods on the side of the pack. The connection straps are stitched in the side pocket & can be tucked away when not in use, for a tidier appearance and to prevent straps getting lost.

The bigger Bumblebee-230 PL also features a lens pouch located in the waist belt. When not in use, it can be flattened by tightening the webbing strap. (This feature is not available in Bumblebee-130 PL).

2 Backpack sizes:

  The Bumblebee-230 PL backpack protects a gripped DSLR with a 70-200/2.8 lens attached and 10 extra lenses or an attached 400/2.8 with 5 extra lenses. In video configuration, it protects a disassembled modular camcorder like the Canon C100 with numerous lenses & accessories. It also fits a 17” laptop in its own padded compartment.

  The Bumblebee-130 PL backpack keeps a high-end CSC or a DSLR safe with a 70-200/2.8 lens attached and 8 extra lenses or an unattached 400/2.8 with 3 extra lenses. In video configuration, it protects disassembled modular camcorders like a SONY FS-5. It also fits a 15” laptop in its own padded compartment.  

We’ve added 2 brand new messengers to complete our offering.

Manfrotto’s new Bumblebee Messengers have significantly raised the bar for their category: A combination of flawless design and reliable performance, they meet all the needs of demanding professionals who travel light and fast. Like the backpacks, the messengers’ body-gripping fit and 3-point AirSupport harness system is breathable and perfect for prolonged outdoor use. The length of the strap can be rapidly adjusted using the EasyGrip buckle.

We’ve introduced the XtraSecure handheld gimbal-carrying solution to our bags for the first time. A stretchable band holds the gimbal’s moving parts so it can be taken out quickly. The area can also be used as a normal lens compartment if there is no gimbal in the bag.

Manfrotto’s Bumblebee Messengers feature a secure silent quick-access flap. When shooting in a quiet environment, apply the NoiseFree Velcro silencer to keep a low profile.

The broad, front organizer keeps everything to hand. There are 2 bungee cord straps to hang a small tripod, monopod or selfie pole, which are also protected by the front flap.

The Bumblebee Messengers can hold gripped DSLR body when you are not carrying a laptop.  

•  The Bumblebee M-30 PL Messenger protects a DSLR with a 70-200mm/2.8 lens attached and 3 lenses, a handheld gimbal (such as a DJI Osmo) and a 15” laptop in their own padded compartments, with all the necessary accessories.

•  The Bumblebee M-10 PL Messenger keeps a CSC/DSLR safe with a 24-70/4 and attached and 2 lenses (including 70-200/2.8) and a handheld gimbal (such as a DJI Osmo) and a 13” laptop in their own padded compartments, with all the necessary accessories. It can also carry a full set DJI Mavic plus the Osmo gimbal camera.

All the bags of the Bumblebee collection come with a DuoFace sun/rain cover to protect from rain and reflect sunlight and keep the gear cool and dry all day long.

Prices for the Bumblebee start from £109.95. The range will be available to pre order on the Manfrotto website.

For more information, please visit the Manfrotto website.

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