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Manfrotto unveils six new Vintage style Covers and Kits

Posted on Oct 5, 2021

These classic covers expand the range of colours and dimensions available in the EzyFrame Background System

Make your subjects stand out with these stylish Ezyframe Vintage background covers from Manfrotto. Six bold yet classic colours are brightening up the existing line-up, taking the total number of covers to choose from up to ten.

The EzyFrame Background is a large format collapsible background system measuring 6.5’ x 7.5’ that offers a generous surface area against which to shoot. Compared to Manfrotto’s 5’x7’ collapsible ‘pop-up’ style backgrounds, these EzyFrame Backgrounds offer 46% more surface area against which to shoot. Furthermore, the squarer format provides greater scope for using with multiple subjects and large props – perfect for family portraits, animated poses, plus fashion and commercial shoots.

Complete with the same rapid assembly aluminium form and clip-on cover design seen throughout other popular products by Manfrotto such as their Chroma Key FX Backgrounds, the EzyFrame Backgrounds can be set up and taken down quickly and easily. It can be packed away and transported in a small rigid case measuring 103cm x 19cm x 14cm (40.5” x 7.4” x 5.5”), making it great for photographers working in different locations.

A small 15cm (6”) skirt along the bottom edge discretely covers the aluminium frame, creating a seamless transition between the background and the floor for full length images.

The EzyFrame Vintage Background can be set up using the Manfrotto Aluminium Frame Support Kit (LL LA8450), or alternatively can be supported directly against a wall or hang freely from a light stand using a Manfrotto Griphead (LL LA8446).

EzyFrame Vintage Backgrounds are available to buy as kits (including a frame, cover and carry case) for £439.95 or as a stand-alone cover for £250.95. For more information, please visit Manfrotto’s website.

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