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New Elinchrom flash units

Posted on Mar 2, 2020

Leading flash brand Elinchrom has added two mid-range compact monoblocs to its range. With a long list of impressive features and selling at competitive prices, they are sure to appeal to studio workers the world over.

Elinchrom’s pair of new compact mains flash units offer power, versatility and huge creative potential with direct access to the brand’s huge range of light modifiers.

Both units share many key features although the ELC 500 is slightly larger and 500g heavier. The ELC 500 is the more powerful, with an output of 522Ws adjustable over a 7EV range, while the ELC 125 delivers 131Ws over a 5EV range, and both at minimum power give 7Ws, ideal if you want to shoot wide apertures for shallow depth-of-field effects.

There is wireless triggering and power control from your camera or computer, thanks to Elinchrom’s built-in Skyport feature that’s compatible with seven camera brands. Skyport triggers are available as optional extras, and you will also need a Pro Transmitter if you want to enjoy High Speed Sync up to 1/8000sec and TTL flash metering. In TTL, there is a new manual lock function so you can switch from TTL to manual while retaining your settings, to fine-tune your set-up. Skyport Pro Transmitters cost £209 to £229, depending on the camera brand.

To allow you to concentrate on your subject rather than worrying how to use the light, both units have an intuitive interface and logical control layout. Other key features include smart pro-active cooling, accurate colour control throughout the power range and a daylight LED lamp.

Available as single heads and in To Go sets, a single ELC 125 head costs £479 and the ELC 500 is £699; both heads come with 16cm reflectors.

A ELC 125 two-head To Go TTL kit costs £959 and the two-head ELC 500 TTL To Go set is £1399. Both kits include two heads, two 16cm reflectors and a carrying case.

There will be a First Test of the ELC 125/500 To Go set, which sells at £1179, in issue 75 of Photography News.

Elinchrom ELC 500

Elinchrom ELC 125 key features

  • Output: 131Ws over 5EV range
  • Flash duration at 0.1 max power: 1/625sec
  • Flash duration at 0.1 min power: 1/7750sec

Elinchrom ELC 500 key features

  • Output: 522Ws over 7EV range
  • Flash duration at 0.1 max power: 1/9430sec
  • Flash duration at 0.1 min power: 1/9430sec

Shared features

  • Centred brolly setting
  • Wide power range, down to 7ws from full power
  • Colour accuracy throughout power range
  • High Speed Sync up to 1/8000sec (with optional Skyport Pro Transmitter)
  • TTL (with optional Skyport Pro Transmitter) with manual lock
  • Smart cooling
  • Metal tilt head

For more information, please visit the Elinchrom website.

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