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New Laowa lenses for DJI and Hasselblad now available

Posted on May 2, 2024

Venus Optics has expanded its lens portfolio by introducing new Laowa lens options for DJI’s DL mount and Hasselblad’s XCD mount

New Laowa DL mount lenses

The Laowa lenses now available for the DJI DL mount for drones are the ultra-wide 11mm f/4.5 FF RL and the 14mm f/4 FF RL Zero-D. These lenses are designed to cater for drone photographers and FPV pilots who require wide-angle capabilities.

The 11mm f/4.5 lens is noteworthy for its status as the widest rectilinear full-frame lens for DL mount users, providing a 126° angle of view. This feature makes it suitable for capturing expansive landscapes and cityscapes.

Both the 11mm and 14mm lenses are lightweight at 206g and 186g respectively, which, in the realms of drone photography, is a particularly important aspect.

The 11mm consists of 14 elements in 10 groups while the 14mm consists of 13 elements in nine groups. Both are manual focus lenses.

New Laowa XCD mount lenses

 Alongside the DL mount lenses, Venus Optics has also introduced new versions of other existing Laowa lenses for the Hasselblad XCD mount. These include the 15mm f/4.5 Zero-D Shift, 20mm f/4 Zero-D Shift, and 19mm f/2.8 Zero-D.

The XCD mount is compatible with Hasselblad X System cameras. The two shift lenses offer extremely wide angles of view which, when combined with their ability to shift perspective and correct converging verticals, are well-suited to architectural photography.


All the lenses are now available for purchase. To learn more, visit the respective product pages for the Laowa 11mm f/4.5 FF RL, 14mm f/4 FF RL Zero-D, 15mm f/4.5 Zero-D Shift, 20mm f/4 Zero-D Shift and 19mm f/2.8 Zero-D.

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