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Newell to the UK

Posted on Jan 24, 2022

Newell is an established imaging accessory brand known for its innovative, great value kit and its now available in the UK

Newell is an established photo and video brand and its range comprises lights, camera grips and of particular interest to image makers, rechargeable batteries.

“Newell is a Polish company, bringing innovative and reliable products offering great value for money to the photography and videography markets since 2009,” says Paul Genge, managing director of Newell’s new UK importers PhotoTEQ.

“Digital cameras are nothing more than expensive paperweights without power and having spare batteries is important especially with energy hungry mirrorless models. Newell batteries offer similar or better performance than the manufacturers’ original at a fraction of the price,” continues Genge. “Furthermore, its chargers are intelligent and provide high-speed ways to quickly and conveniently recharge your camera battery and keep you shooting”

The Newell range has batteries for most camera brands and popular models. The LP-E6NH, a cell used in many popular Canon DSLR and mirrorless cameras has a 2130mAh output and costs £114. The equivalent standard Newell NL2408 has an output of 2150mAh and costs £39, and if you need more capacity a Plus model is available, the NL2407, which has 2250mAh output and sells at £49. Taking another example, the NP-W126S is used in Fujifilm X-E, X-H and X-T cameras and the brand model costs £49 and has power of 1260mAh. By comparison, the Newell Plus NL1077 has 1300mAh output and costs £29.

We’ll be testing Newell products in forthcoming issues of PN.

For more information, head to PhotoTEQ’s website.

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