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Nikon launches free cloud service

Posted on Jul 10, 2024

Nikon has introduced the Nikon Imaging Cloud, a free camera-to-cloud service designed to enhance photographers’ workflows

We’ve seen a number of camera brands team up with subscription-based third-party cloud services in recent months, but Nikon has decided to build its own… and it’s free.

Here are the top line features of the Nikon Imaging Cloud platform, including automatic image backups, integration with third-party platforms and firmware updates.

Additionally, photographers can access unique colour profiles directly from the cloud to their cameras.

A person is using a smartphone to view and select photos. The phone screen displays various photo thumbnails of different images. In the background, a camera is placed on a table next to a cup of coffee. An icon showing a cloud with a Wi-Fi signal indicates the transfer of data from the phone to the camera.
Image: Nikon

Camera-to-cloud backup

Arguably the most useful aspect of the cloud service is image backup and storage. This is possible automatically with Nikon’s platform, which offers direct camera-to-cloud uploads following a one-time setup.

As with any other service, this gives peace of mind and streamlined workflows to photographers as it ensures their images are immediately backed up and can be distributed to collaborators online quickly and easily.

Nothing new there, of course, but the thing that sets Nikon’s platform apart is that users benefit from 30 days of unlimited image storage from the time of transfer. This is in contrast to other services that limit storage capacity to free accounts rather than timeframe.

A woman is sitting at a desk using a desktop computer. The monitor displays a screen with various photo thumbnails. A camera is connected to the computer, and an icon showing a cloud with a Wi-Fi signal illustrates the data transfer from the camera to the computer. The woman appears to be editing or organising photos.
Image: Nikon

Firmware updates

The Nikon Imaging Cloud can also notify users of available firmware updates and is capable of installing them automatically.

The optional automatic firmware updates are installed when the camera is charging. Alternatively, users can choose manual updates, which are indicated by a yellow dot in the main camera menu.

Image recipes

The platform also gives users exclusive access to unique colour-profile image recipes created by Nikon and Nikon Creators that can be downloaded and saved in the cloud.

Up to nine recipes can be stored simultaneously and transferred to the camera as new Picture Control profiles.

The Nikon Imaging Cloud is currently available exclusively for the Nikon Z6 III. For more information, visit the Nikon website or watch the first look video below.

Video: Nikon

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