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The Magic Shift Converter transforms

Posted on Dec 15, 2022

Laowa’s new release can morph a normal lens into a professional shift lens. For those interested in straight architecture, interior and real estate photography

Venus Optics, a pioneer in the photo and cine lenses sphere, expands its reach. New mounts for the Magic Shift Converter mean a new world of possibilities. On top of the existing Canon EF, Nikon F and Nikon G to Sony E options, Canon EF to Canon RF, Canon EF to Nikon Z and Nikon F/G to Nikon Z have been added. The Magic Shift Converter allows Canon and Nikon DSLR lenes to be mounted on mirrorless cameras while retaining optical performance. Optimised with the Laowa 12mm F2.8 Zero-D ultra-wide-angle lens, but you can use any full manual EF and F mount lenses.

Additional mounts for other Laowa lenses join the line-up ­ new Canon Rf mount for 4mm f/2.8 Fisheye, 9mm f/2.8 Zero-D, and 65mm f/2.8 Ultra Macro APO and new L mount for 12-24mm f/5.6 Zoom.

The patented optical system enlarges the image circle of the lens to create room for shift capacity. The image circle of a full-frame lens will be increased by a factor of 1.4X. For example, the image circle of the 12mm f/2.8 Zero-D is increased from 43.2mm to 60mm in diameter. As a result, it is converted into a 17mm f/4 Zero-D shift!

The Magic Shift Converter possesses a built-in shift mechanism with a maximum ±10mm distance. By shifting horizontally or vertically, converging vertical lines created by distance can be corrected via adjusted perspective. With a shift lens, you can create mesmerising architectural photos.

Made with five elements in four groups with two ultra-refractive glasses, the MSC has remarkable control over chromatic aberration, alongside consistent image sharpness right to the edge.

It is also important to have user-friendly installation, which is why Laowa MSC come with a lens support for tripods, so the lens maintains a perfect balance when shifting, while the axis of the image can be easily aligned.

Both Nikon F and Nikon G lenses work well with the Magic. Shift Converter. An aperture ring on the MSC provides control of the aperture for the Nikon G lenses.

Laowa Magic Shift Converter is currently available to purchase via Venus Optics official website and authorised resellers.

The US price for Laowa Magic Shift Converter is USD300 for Canon EF to Canon RF, Nikon Z, and Sony Eand $320 for Nikon F/Nikon G to Nikon Z and Sony E. Pricing varies in different countries.

Other lenses with additional mounts

Laowa 4mm f/2.8 Fisheye (Canon RF)

Featuring a one-of-a-kind 210° field of view, Laowa 4mm f/2.8 fisheye lens can create a circular fisheye perspective on Micro Four Thirds (M43) & APS-C cameras. Photographers can create a 360° full panorama image with a minimum of 2-3 shots. The lens weighs only 4.8 oz (135 g) which makes it extremely portable and allows photographers to have creative shots anywhere, anytime. The lens can also be mounted on DJI drones for creating a unique perspective you have never seen before.

Mounts available: Canon RF (NEW) / MFT / Fuji X / Sony E / Canon M / Leica L / Nikon Z

 Laowa 9mm f/2.8 Zero-D (Canon RF)

This exciting prime lens provides ultra-wide-angle coverage up to 113° angle of view (100° on MFT system). The tiny size & light weight match perfectly with mirrorless cameras and are suitable for use with gimbals. 2 aspherical elements plus 3 extra-low dispersion elements successfully correct chromatic aberration, realize close-to-zero distortion & deliver excellent corner-to-corner sharpness.

Mounts available: Canon RF (NEW) / Fuji X / Sony E / Canon EF-M / DJI DL / MFT / L mount / Nikon Z

Laowa 65mm f/2.8 2x Ultra Macro APO (Canon RF)

The Laowa 65mm f/2.8 2X macro-APO is the first macro lens that Venus Optics designs for systems other than full-frame cameras. This is the only macro lens in the market that can produce 2X life-size images and designed especially for mirrorless cameras. The new 65mm is remarkably light and compact which makes it ideal for macro photography, daily still photos, portraiture and more.

Mounts available: Canon RF (NEW) / Fuji X / Sony E / Canon EF-M / Nikon Z

Laowa 12-24mm f/5.6 Zoom (L mount)

The 12-24mm f/5.6 zoom is an ultra-wide zoom lens designed for mirrorless cameras. With an angle of view from 84° to 121°, the lens can be very useful for multiple scenarios. It also has a fixed f/5.6 maximum aperture throughout the whole zoom range which gives the photographer much greater control over the photo. The lens is relatively lightweight in its class. It is compressed to be around 3.3″/ 84mm long and weighs about 1.09 lbs/ 497g. The lens is also compatible with 77mm filters (With the lens hood) and has a 15cm close-focusing distance. Easily creating interesting shots with good background separation. Like many of the Laowa lenses, this wide-angle lens also renders stunning 10-point Sunstar.

Mounts available: L mount (NEW) / Leica M / Sony E / Nikon Z / Canon RF

Find out more on the Venus Optics website.

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