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Northern Photography Prize announces winners

Posted on Oct 13, 2022

Both from Northumberland, winners Jim Scott and Matthew Locke capture the spirit and heart of the North East

The Northern Photography Prize has unveiled its 2022 winners: Jim Scott and Matthew Locke.

Self-taught photographer Jim won The Spirit of the North East with his image, Early Birds of Lindisfarne, a layered landscape capturing the sunrise at Holy Island. The bright orange light silhouettes the birds taking flight and casts purple shadows onto the foreground, with fragments of sky reflected in the sand.

Matthew took home The Heart of the North East with Back on Track, a portrait of his wife on the Newcastle metro, as they were practicing her new commute. She rests her arm and gazes out the window, while Matthew captures her reflection in the soft light. He says the moment felt symbolic of “how [they] hoped the future would transpire.”

The two state that winning the award was genuinely unexpected, both honouring and inspiring them. “Winning has further fuelled my excitement and interest for photography, as well as my love for the North East”, says Jim. He and Matthew will collect £1000 cash, on top of having their work showcased at Newcastle’s Biscuit Factory.

The Northern Photography Prize, now in its second year, was founded by author LJ Ross. She touts the impressive work she’s seen, as the Prize has already attracted hundreds of submissions, all aiming to capture the heart and soul of the North East. She says of the talent: “Since its inauguration, the prize has gone from strength-to-strength. I’d like to congratulate Jim and Matthew for their stunning entries which deservedly take home the prizes.”

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