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PavoTube II improvement pushes colour boundaries

Posted on Jan 17, 2023

Updates to Nanette PavoTube II 15C & 30C make image capture with sophisticated colour performance

Wolverhampton, UK

The PavoTube II undergoes a facelift. Nanlite listened to commercial production teams, film crews and photographers across the globe, implementing RGBWW colour mixing technology with excellent colour rendition and accurate colour reproduction. The new and improved PavoTube II is the perfect companion on shoots where colourful vision is key.

More comprehensive lighting options across different times of the day comes from wider CCT range of 2700-7500K with G/M±150, making it easier to shoot photos and videos in a varied environment. The 15C and 30C are 10% and 20% brighter respectively. Be confident in terms of intensity for use as a key light, fill light, alongside other applications.

Increased intuition makes up the bulk of the updates. Control is optimised with two-knob operation: with one short press, you can instantly reinstate the previous intensity setting, providing a convenient and smooth lighting experience.

Connectivity streamlines the user experience further via built-in Bluetooth and 2.4G modules, controlled via the NANLINK App. Customisable parameters under CCT/HIS/FX modes for more intelligent wireless control, further expanding functionality.

The 15C and 30C incorporate a USB-C port that enables PD3.0 charging and is utilised to update firmware. The 15C has a built in 14.8V/2200aAM lithium battery and PavoTube II 30C a 14.8V/4400aAH lithium battery, providing the ability to create images, almost anywhere.

LED chips on the PavoTubes are obscured with innovated diffusion materials. Soft and even emission ensures better performance for shooting highly reflective objects. The illumination area has also been enlarged by shortening the end caps. Built-in effects increase to 15 from the original 6.

Tailored accessories for both 15C and 30C include barndoor, eggcrate clips and floor stands. By continuously adding items to the collection, the lights will certainly offer unlimited shaping possibilities, well into the future.

15C & 30C Key Features:

  • RGBWW Colour Mixing Technology
  • High colour rendition scores, CRI Avg 97, TLCI Avg 98, TM-30 Rf Avg 94, TM-30 Rg Avg 101 10% and 20% brighter respectively than previous version
  • Wider CCT Range of 2700K-7500K
  • G/M±150 adjustment functionality
  • More power in the same size with PavoTube II 15C/30C 10% and 20% brighter respectively
  • Two knobs and one button for intuitive operation
  • Multiple control methods, including 2.4G, Bluetooth, NANLINK APP, DMX/RDM
  • PD3.0 (Power Delivery) charging, power supplying and firmware updating via the Type-C port
  • 15 Built-in practical effects
  • Extended illumination area with shortened caps on both ends
  • LED chips obscured with innovated diffusion materials

Pricing & Availability:

  • 15C 1 Kit Tube                 £226.80
  • 15C 2 Kit Tubes               £402.00
  • 15C 4 Kit Tubes               £795.60
  • 30C 1 Kit Tube                 £330.00
  • 30C 2 Kit Tubes               £619.20
  • 30C 4 Kit Tubes               £1228.80

Available from April 2023.

For more information, head over to the Nanlite website.

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