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Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2024 shortlist released

Posted on Apr 5, 2024

The Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2024 has released its shortlist, featuring entries from over 65 countries

This year’s finalists were chosen for their technical skill, artistic talent and power to tell the story of food’s role across various cultures.

Among the shortlisted entries is “Cave Fishing” by Natnattcha Chaturapitamorn, which depicts a father and son fishing with a bamboo basket in South Vietnam. Also featured is “Walk on the mallow side” by Jacki Gordon showing miniature hikers traversing a tea cake. Together, they illustrate the competition’s thematic breadth.

The judging panel includes food photographer David Loftus, Tom Athron of Fortnum & Mason, Chef Asma Khan, Fiona Shields of The Guardian and Rein Skullerud, who is senior photographer and photo editor for the World Food Programme.

The winners will be announced on 4th June 2024 in London, with a grand prize of £5,000 for the overall winner. An exhibition of the finalists will run from 5th to 9th June at The Mall Galleries, London. The exhibition will be free to the public as part of the Plate! St James’s festival.

Browse a selection of the shortlisted entries in the galleries above and below or view the full shortlist can on the competition’s website.

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