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TAMRON Launches All-In-One Zoom Lens for APS-C mirrorless cameras

Posted on Aug 27, 2021

TAMRON has announced the launch of its latest lens, the 18-300mm F3.5-6.3 VC VXD, which it claims will be the best of all-in-one lenses for APS-C mirrorless cameras.

The first APS-C mirrorless camera zoom lens in the world with a 16.6x zoom ratio, the 18-300mm F3.5-6.3 VC VXD is a highly versatile piece of equipment suitable for shooting in a range of different environments and at different magnifications. The lens comes fully equipped with a host of features that guarantee sensational user experience, including its impressive wide zoom range and outstanding stabilisation, thanks to TAMRON’s proprietary Vibration Compensation (VC) mechanism. This is a compact, user-friendly lens, designed to help users achieve outstanding photographic images in almost any context.

The lens stands out as the world’s first lens for APS-C mirrorless cameras with a 16.6x zoom ratio, capable of achieving excellent image quality across the full zoom range, from wide-angle to ultra-telephoto shots. It is highly versatile due to its wide zoom range – approximately 27mm to 450mm in full-frame equivalent focal length. This means that it can be used in a wide range of situations, from everyday life and holiday snaps to landscape and macro photography.

The AF drive system uses TAMRON’s VXD (Voice-coil eXtreme-torque Drive) linear motor focus mechanism, which guarantees fast, precise and supremely quiet AF throughout its full range. Considered to have one of the best AF systems of all all-in-one lenses, the agility of this lens makes it the perfect choice for capturing motion – for instance photographing animals, aircraft and other fast-moving subjects. It is also ideal for shooting in a quiet location.

The 18-300mm F3.5-6.3 VC VXD has a Minimum Object Distance (MOD) of 0.15m at the 18mm wide end and a maximum magnification ratio of 1:2, making it one of the best all-in-one zoom lenses for close-ups and macro photography. Users can get creative with macro photography by experimenting with highly blurred backgrounds to achieve original images of extraordinary quality.

Designed with special lens elements that suppress optical aberrations throughout the zoom range, the 18-300mm F3.5-6.3 VC VXD claims to have the best image quality for an APS-C mirrorless camera lens.

This latest product from TAMRON also includes some hallmark features that sets it apart from competitors. The 18-300mm F3.5-6.3 VC VXD is designed with TAMRON’s proprietary VC mechanism to produce outstanding stabilisation. This means that image blur caused by camera shake in low-light conditions and with slower shutter speeds is kept to an absolute minimum. What’s more, the lens uses AI technologies to choose the best compensation characteristic for videography at focal lengths of 70mm or less, making it a highly sophisticated and efficient piece of equipment. It also includes user-friendly features such as Moisture-Resistant Construction, Fluorine Coating and Zoom Lock switch.

The lens is compatible with many camera-specific features and functions, including Fast Hybrid AF and Eye AF.

The TAMRON 18-300mm F3.5-6.3 VC VXD will be available for the Sony E-Mount APS-C from 24 September 2021 (Great Britain and Ireland). SRP price including VAT is £679.99.

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