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Sony Firmware Updates Advance Image Authenticity and Camera Performance

Posted on Mar 29, 2024

Sony has rolled out significant firmware updates for its Alpha series cameras, introducing features that bolster both shooting functionality and the provenance of digital imagery

These latest updates are for the Alpha 1, Alpha 7S III, Alpha 7 IV and Alpha 9 III cameras.

Central to the new firmware is the integration of Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA)compliance and digital signature technology.

In doing so, Sony joins Nikon and Leica in taking a stance against image manipulation and deepfake technologies.

Image © Sony | Graphic visualisation of the Camera Authenticity Solution process.

Image Provenance Technology

At the heart of Sony’s firmware update is its Camera Authenticity Solution – a digital signature designed to address the growing issue of digital image manipulation.

The update also adds support for the C2PA standard, which establishes a verifiable trail of content authenticity from capture to publication. The C2PA initiative, which Sony helps steer, focuses on creating an open technical standard to assure the integrity of digital media.

According to Sony, the update introduces an in-camera digital signature that validates the authenticity of images at the point of capture, embedding a ‘digital birth certificate’ that remains throughout editing processes.

This is enhanced by Sony’s proprietary sensor technology bringing the ability to discern between photographs of real 3D objects and those of flat images or videos, offering an additional layer of content verification.

Image © Sony | Graphic visualisation of image depth recognition technology, which can tell if a photograph is taken of a real scene or a screen.

Sony Firmware Update Highlights

While the added support for C2PA image provenance data is getting the headlines, there are lots of other new features to note, with the Alpha 1 Ver 2.00 and Alpha 7 S III Ver 3.00 updates adding over 30 additional features.

Updates include optimised user experience and the introduction of professional features such as breathing compensation, AF assist, improved image stabilisation for certain lenses and greater compatibility with cloud services.

The Alpha 1 (Ver. 2.00), Alpha 7S III (Ver. 3.00) and Alpha 7 IV (Ver. 3.00) firmware updates are all available now with Alpha 9 III (Ver.2.00) following after April 2024.

For further details and a full list of new features, visit the following links: Alpha 1 2.0 Firmware, Alpha 7S III 3.0 Firmware and Alpha 7 IV 3.0 Firmware.

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