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Sony hears customer feedback for FX3 and FX30 firmware

Posted on Apr 27, 2023

The update addresses concerns from users of the FX3 and FX30 cinema cameras, including improvements to DCI 4K shooting and a new format

Sony has announced updates to the FX3 full-frame digital cinema camera and the FX30 Super 35 digital camera, following feedback from users. Improvements have enhanced cinematic storytelling and connectivity for film creators.

A popular choice for high-end feature films, tv series and indie filmmakers alike, the FX Version 3.00 and FX30 Version 2.00 allow shooting DCI 4K in true 24.00 (4096 x 2160) ii with new format XAVC S-I DCI 4K (17:9).

Anamorphic lens desqueeze of 1.3x and 2.0x are on offer for both versions, while the FX3 3.00 see focus breathing compensation, which promises minimal shift in the angle-of-view as the focus point shifts (when used with compatible lenses). You can now switch from Standard Movie and S&Q Motion modes with a simple press of a button, and file naming has been made akin to CineAlta cameras for ease of workflow.

Sony has integrated the new Creators’ Cloudv platform that provides services and optimised applications from shooting to collaboration, alongside smartphone connection and camera to cloud capabilities.

Emmy award-winning cinematographer Checco Varese ASC says: “The FX3 is a great companion to the VENICE in the filmmaking adventure. Its colour rendering and accuracy equals its bigger sibling, the VENICE. I have used the FX3 on my last several shows and always find myself excited and pleasantly surprised. I’m looking forward to seeing what else it can do”.

Updates are available now from the Sony website.

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