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Spin and swing for great content

Posted on Feb 4, 2022

Image: © Joby

Joby launches two motion control devices to help smartphone content creators get even better results

The Joby Spin is a Bluetooth electronic head that offers 360° motion control and the Joby Swing is an electronic slider, both to help produce product dynamic videos and moving timelapses. The Spin is great for panoramic stills too.

Price for the Spin is £81.95 and the Swing is £118.95, and kits are available too.

Joby has also announced Wavo mics aimed to content creators. The Wavo PRO is a premium shotgun mic priced at £257.95; the Wavo AIR is a wireless mic with instant pairing and this is £214.95; the Wavo POD is a USB condenser mic for podcasters and this costs £85.95; and finally the Wav Lav PRO is a pro-grade lavalier mic with a 3.5mm TRS connector and this is £68.95.

The mid-range Wavo PRO DS shotgun mic will be available from March onwards and this is £228.95.

For more information, visit Joby’s website.

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