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The powerful Anova Pro 3 shines through in all weathers

Posted on Jan 5, 2024

Delivering not only class-leading brightness, but cutting-edge industry-first features, the most advanced LED Rotolight has ever made is the star of its brand-new Kickstarter campaign 

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Described as an all-weather powerhouse, the latest advanced LED from Rotolight boasts all the features its British manufacturer is known for. This exceptional unit seamlessly merges continuous light and flash, providing a unique all-in-one solution. The intuitive full-colour touchscreen – a feature unmatched in the current market – is replicated in Rotolight’s app for remote control. 

To the above, the new Anova Pro 3 adds plenty of punch courtesy of 22,000 lux brightness output at one metre, making it twice as powerful as previous generations of both the Anova and Rotolight’s AEOS 2 Pro. And with durable IP65 weather-resistance, this is as comfortable on a challenging outdoor shoot as it is in the studio. Suitable in heavy rain and even snow, it can withstand being battered by a pressure jet, as well as dust and sand. Impressive.

Lighting up film sets from Cricklewood to Hollywood

It’s no surprise that Rotolight is well loved by photographers, filmmakers and content creators alike. Its lights have recently graced big-budget productions including Ghostbusters Afterlife and Amazon’s The Expanse. The Anova Pro 3 arrives as the most advanced light its maker has ever made – that’s some credentials.

A weight of 3.4kg/7.5lb ensures it’s sufficiently portable to take on location. Further industry firsts this time around include a new ‘Magic Eye’ optical sensor built into the face of the unit to do away with the need for a light meter. This lets users quickly and easily balance and match the Anova Pro 3 with existing mixed lighting on a set. Designed to enhance your workflow and inspire creativity, this lighting solution boasts a vast palette of 16.7 million colours and an extensive library of 2500 digital gels. 

A SmartSoft Box for the Anova Pro 3 is also available, offering variable diffusion along with other modifiers including barn doors and grids. The new light is also compatible with a host of legacy accessories from previous Anova products, which is a great benefit for Rotolight’s most loyal customers.

Not just a continuous light, but one that also features high-speed sync flash, the Rotolight offers the only multi-brand-compatible flash in the world. Built-in Godox, Profoto, Elinchrom, Neewer and Pixapro flash receivers on the Anova Pro 3 provide photographers with practicality and flexibility, and there’s zero recycle time required.

As with previous generations of its LED lights, Rotolight’s Anova Pro 3 additionally features its onboard CineSFX digital effects, including the likes of fire, police, lightning, TV, gunshot and paparazzi and even more. There’s also the time-saving ability to customise, save and instantly recall favourite settings, as well as opt for new and improved effects presets on this model. The feature allows users to instantly add drama to any scene – and a high-production-value look to even the lowest-budget project.

At the time of writing, the Anova Pro 3, which is exclusively designed and manufactured in the UK, was being provisionally priced at £2399, though early backers of Rotolight’s Kickstarter campaign were being offered 25-30% off if ordering in advance. It’s due to start shipping from March 2024. Head now to the URL below to secure your own unit.

Originally featured in Issue 112 of Photography News.

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