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NOVO ANEX supports photographers

Posted on Jun 7, 2023

The NOVO ANEX support system offers a convenient range of features for photographers, vloggers and videographers

The NOVO ANEX sports a selection of clamps, a column, a flexible arm, ground spike and camera connectivity aimed at helping content creators get the best out of their shoots.

The micro column – the ANEX ET10 – is fabricated with 8x layer carbon fibre and corrosion resistant 6061 aluminium. It extends via aluminium twist locks, from a collapsed length of 260m to a fully extended 625mm.

You can mount LED lights, action cameras, trail cameras and more, which makes it suitable for macro shooting, while acting as an extender for a small table tripod. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the ANEX SP110 Ground Spike and ANEX clamps.


The UC-1 Mini Clamp is designed to facilitate the attachment of products (i.e. a small ball head, lighting or flexible arm) to a static object, like a branch, railings or a tripod leg for example. Alternatively, the clamp can be used in reverse to attach to a ¼” accessory port and clamp to a boom pole, umbrella or similar. Fitting neatly in your camera bag, the clamp is made from corrosion-resistant aluminium.

ANEX UC-1 Mini Clamp
ANEX UC-1 Mini Clamp

The MC-1 Micro Clamp enables the attachment of products like flower stems, branches, reflectors and others. Offering up to 3kg of force, the clamp attaches to the ANEX system accessories via the ¼” female thread. With specifically moulded silicone jaws, the clamp opens to 30mm wide. The rotating head moved around 360 degrees for flexibility and is made from durable zinc-coated aluminium and tough ABS polymer.

MC-1 Micro Clamp
MC-1 Micro Clamp

Another part of the support system comes in the form of the ANEX FA40 Flexible Articulating Arm. The tactile rubber armoured outer shell with a composite Duocore inner (spring steel with aluminium for improved flexibility and stiffness). The diameter is 16mm and has a length of 400mm. You can attach it to your tripod, a pole or branch with ease.

The gooseneck flexible mounting arm is ideal for supporting additional things like props, flashes, reflectors and microphones. It allows freedom of movement and the maximum load of 500g means you can adjust to suit your needs.


The ANEX MC-100 Multi Clamp is multipurpose and can be attached to any ¼”-20 or 3/8”-16 male screw thread. There are six ¼” connection points and one 3/8” connection point. The C-shape is suitable for attaching to a pole, fence, table or other surfaces. They lend themselves to holding LED light panels, flash equipment and action cameras up to 3kg.

Manufactured from aviation-grade aluminium, the clamp opens to a maximum of 38mm, ideal to attach to fixed or flexible arms. Useful for close ups, macro, landscapes, night, wildlife and street photography and videography.

ANEX MC-100 Multi Clamp
ANEX MC-100 Multi Clamp

The QP-20 Quick Release Platform promises reliable connectivity to products with a ¼”-20 thread. You can connect your digital camera, camcorder, action camera or accessories to the removable plate or attach it to the FA40 Flexible Arm or ANEX range of clamps using the ¼” female thread.

QP-20 Quick Release Platform
QP-20 Quick Release Platform

The SP110 Ground Spike offers simple support for various ground conditions. Whether you’re looking to place and LED light, an extension arm or clamp into the ground, this could work for you. Also made from corrosion-resistant 6061 aluminium, the spike folds into a triangle shape for maximum rigidity and ease of putting in the ground. The length of the spike is 115mm and can bare a load capacity of up to 5kg.

SP110 Ground Spike
SP110 Ground Spike

The NOVO ANEX Photo & Video Support Ecosystem provides photographers, vloggers, and videographers with a range of accessories to enhance their shooting capabilities. Each product is carefully crafted with durable materials and designed for versatility in various shooting environments. Whether you’re pursuing macro photography, capturing action shots, or seeking stable support, the NOVO ANEX system offers practical solutions to elevate your creative pursuits.


  • ANEXTM ET10 Micro Column Extender – £24.90
  • ANEXTM UC-1 Mini Clamp – £29.90
  • ANEXTM MC-1 Micro Clamp – £14.90
  • ANEXTM MC-100 Multi Clamp – £29.90
  • ANEXTM FA40 Flexible Arm – £24.90
  • ANEXTM QP-20 Quick Release Platform – £19.90
  • ANEXTM SP110 Ground Spike – £14.90
  • ANEXTM MGSP-1 Macro Ground Support Bundle (includes 2 x Novo ANEX FA40 Flexible Arm, 2 x Novo ANEX ET10 Micro Column, 2 x Novo ANEX MC-1 Micro Clamp, 2 x Novo ANEX Ground Spike) – £119.90

NOVO has also released HELIX Tripod, NHP Ball Heads & MPH-10 Mini Video Monopod Head to further support camera users. You can also get the Calder 40L backpack to carry your kit!

For more information on all products, go to the NOVO website.

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