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Is this the most powerful wireless microphone ever?!

Posted on Aug 24, 2023

RØDE announces the Wireless PRO for filmmakers and content creators looking for a compact and versatile addition to their kit

Fresh off the back of the Wireless ME, RØDE has unleashed a compact wireless system, the Wireless PRO. Claiming to be the most powerful system in the compact arena ever, the Wireless PRO has some interesting features. Made to meet the demands of today’s ever-evolving content creators and filmmakers, RØDE takes the legacy of the Wireless GO series to new heights.

Ultra-compact Professional Wireless

The Wireless PRO continues in the same vein as RØDE’s classic compact wireless range, but this time it features a new black-on-black aesthetic for added discretion. A dual-channel set contains two transmitters and a receiver which utilises RØDE’s Series IV 2.4GHz digital transmission and proprietary near-zero latency codec with 128-bit encryption which promises clear and stable audio from 260m away. Further, it is universally compatible with cameras, smartphones and tablets, computers, and other audio devices via 3.5mm and USB-C.

Audio for any scenario

Engineered with creators in mind, RØDE has focussed on getting the perfect audio output. The 32-bit float on-board recording means you can record directly to the transmitters with no chance of the audio clipping, promising a clean backup of the session even in dynamic situations. It also eliminates the need to set gain levels prior to recording, making the creative workflow, well, flow.

If you’re looking to record directly onto your camera, features like GainAssist are an asset. GainAssist uses sophisticated algorithms to automatically control audio levels on the fly, for balanced output and a minimised risk of clipping. There is also a flexible output control which allows precision tailoring of the mic to your camera and presets for seamless set up. For extra peace of mind, the Wireless PRO offers a safety channel feature which outputs a second channel of audio 10dB lower than the primary channel for situations where the signal is too hot and camera input is clipped.

Record and Sync

To complement the 32-bit float feature, the Wireless PRO offers advanced timecode sync capabilities for synchronised audio to video in post-production. By way of an internal timecode generator, RØDE has eliminated the need for costly external timecode systems. Simply set up on a computer or smartphone using RØDE Central and configure to suit your recording needs.

More features, more flexibility

The versatility of the Wireless PRO is emphasised by RØDE who outlines its other professional features. Both transmitters have locking lavalier connectors for complete security when using an external lavalier or another microphone with a locking connector. There is also plug-in power detect and a 3.5mm output on the receiver, as well as an additional headset input. Merged and split recording modes, marker dropping, and customisable buttons make the Wireless PRO stand out.

Complete Pro Accessory Kit

The Wireless PRO comes with a complete pro accessory kit, giving you everything you need to get started. The smart charge case protects transmitters and receivers when in transit and facilitates ultra-fast data transfer. The dual Lavalier II microphones promise broadcast-grade audio capture and MagClip GO clips allow for flexible mounting of transmitters and receivers. A furry windshield is ideal for recording in windy conditions, while the kit is equipped with all necessary cables for connecting to devices.

The Wireless PRO is currently shipping to retailers worldwide and will be available in late August for £315.

Find out more about the Wireless PRO by heading to the RØDE website.

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