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Profoto and Leica team up for ultimate flash

Posted on Jan 18, 2023

Profoto Connect Pro meets the Leica SL System for precise control over light and flash on set when required

Wetzlar, Germany

Profoto, in collaboration with Leica, has secured compatibility with the Connect Pro flash control, re-emphasising the cooperation between the two brands. With SL system cameras, photographers now have fast and precise control when adjusting the balance between ambient flash and flash on set at any time.

The Connect Pro acts as a remote control and central hub between camera sand flash units, connecting to the camera via the hot shoe. Clear and intuitive control speeds up workflow with a reliable flash trigger, performing especially well in changing light conditions. Established TTL and HSS functions also boost function.

In automatic mode, the flash output is calculated instinctively and can then be adjusted with Connect Pro. In manual mode, photographers have the possibility to adjust the exposure to their personal style.

The Connect Pro and other Leica-compatible Profoto products will also be available in selected Leica Stores soon.

For further information, head over to the Profoto website.

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