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3 Legged Thing Announces Two New Levelling Mechanisms

Posted on Dec 17, 2021

In response to demand from customers, 3LT has launched a Levelling Base and Half Bowl compatible with most tripods

3 Legged Thing has launched a new Levelling Base and 75mm Half Bowl accessories compatible with all 3LT tripods. The products respond to growing customer demand for a standalone version of the levelling mechanism found on 3LT’s Mike and Jay tripods. The Levelling Base has been designed for use with any tripod with 3/8”-16 mounting threads, whilst the 75mm Half Bowl can be used with 3LT’s Legends Nicky and Tommy tripods. It is also cross-compatible with all 75mm bowl mount video tripods.

3LT’s latest levelling mechanisms deliver improved functionality and increased versatility, and are well-suited to photographers and videographers alike. The accessories are designed to withstand challenging weather conditions and terrains, enabling users to capture the very best shots whatever environment they’re working in.

The magnesium alloy Levelling Base offers mounting with a standard ¼”-20 thread that allows users to directly mount cameras to the Levelling Base. Alternatively, users can utilise the 3/8”-16 adapter to mount a head or compatible accessories. Using a ratcheted locking knob on the side of the Levelling Base, it is possible to achieve a level horizon without adjusting the tripod. This reduces set-up time, and improves accuracy and precision levelling – making it a handy little tool for landscape photographers.

The 75mm Half Bowl is compatible with 75mm bowl mounts on a wide range of tripods woth a 3/8”-16 thread. It is ideal for use with 3LT’s Nick or Tommy tripods along with 3LT’s lightweight video head, the AirHed Cine. The Half Bowl incorporates a bubble level that helps ensure correct positioning of the head. A locking handle also allows users to position the Half Bowl and lock it into place. Additional weight can be added to a knurled hook on the Half Bowl’s head to improve tripod stability. The hook can also be removed to provide an extra female 3/8”-16 mounting point to add other accessories.

The Levelling Base retails at around £129.99 and the 75mm Half Bowl has a suggested retail price of £149.99. For more information, visit 3 Legged Thing’s website.

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