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Posted on Nov 3, 2023

Manfrotto’s Professional PCIe 3.0 CFexpress Type B has been nominated for best memory card in the Photography News Awards – here’s what makes it a potential winner

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The ability of our cameras to shoot at ever-higher stills and video resolutions necessitates a form of removable storage media that can keep up – in terms of blisteringly swift read/write speeds and huge data capacity. Enter the Manfrotto Professional PCIe 3.0 CFexpress Type B card, which ably meets demand. It does this so well that Manfrotto – also known for tripods, sliders and bags – is nominated for best memory card in the annual Photography News Awards.

With voting open now, the nomination is for 128 and 256GB versions. Alternative capacities include 75, 150 and 325GB. As the name of the range indicates, these are professional-grade CFexpress Type B memory cards combining industrial strength and reliability with unparalleled performance.

They have been engineered to excel when used in professional DSLRs and mirrorless compacts featuring shooting modes that demand faster speeds – and are suitable for photographers and videographers alike.

Built to last and superfast

Weighing just 5g, the Manfrotto Professional PCIe 3.0 CFexpress Type B card puts strength and reliability first. Both the 128 and 256GB versions offer 1730MB/s read speeds, 1540MB/s write speeds, a minimum working temperature of -25°C, maximum working temperature of 70°C, and are especially suitable for those recording 8K, 6K and 4K video at high frame rates.

For those not in the know, PCIe stands for Peripheral Component Interconnect Express, a standard interface for the connection of high-speed components.

As well as being fleet of foot, the cards have also been built to withstand extremes. So whether you’re shooting in the heat of the desert or sub-zero temperatures, or simply leave your memory card in a hot vehicle, photographers and videographers will feel reassured by the fact that these Manfrotto Professional memory cards are built to cope with a wide range of temperature variations.

Further reassurance comes via the fact that the well-priced Manfrotto Professional PCIe 3.0 CFexpress Type B cards have also been rated 4.8 out of 5 by members of the public according to Trustpilot. That’s based on an aggregate of 50 customer reviews.

After the above, it won’t come as much surprise that Manfrotto’s Professional PCIe 3.0 CFexpress Type B memory cards have been nominated for this year’s Photography News Awards.

Originally published in Issue 111 of Photography News.

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