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Whitewall Triumphs at TIPA World Awards 2024

Posted on May 21, 2024

Elevating monochrome mastery with WhiteWall UltraHD

Celebrating WhiteWall’s latest triumph at the 2024 TIPA World Awards

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In a world where the beauty of black & white photography holds a revered spot for both amateurs and professionals, one name stands out for transforming this art form into something truly spectacular. 

WhiteWall, a global leader in high-quality photo printing, has once again been recognised by the Technical Image Press Association (TIPA), earning the coveted 2024 award for best photo lab. 

This recognition was for their pioneering ultraHD sharpening technology, tailored specifically for black & white prints.

“We are proud to have won this year’s TIPA World Award and see it as a confirmation of our commitment to always offer the best to our customers,” introduces Thomas Alscheid, CEO at WhiteWall. “We see it as an incentive to continue setting new standards and improving our products to exceed our customers’ expectations further.”

Since launching in 2007, WhiteWall has consistently set the standard for excellence in gallery-quality photo products.

Serving a diverse clientele of more than 250,000, including over 20,000 photographers, artists, gallery owners and collectors, WhiteWall has become synonymous with quality and customer service. 

Its reputation is bolstered by a whopping six TIPA awards since 2013, demonstrating its global acclaim as the premier photo lab.

The accolade from TIPA this year highlights WhiteWall’s introduction of ultraHD sharpening for black & white prints. “Photography is in our DNA and this is reflected in our products,” explains Alscheid. “Many products, such as the new black & white ultraHD sharpening option, are unique on the market.”

Utilising three variants of Ilford photo paper – glossy, matte and true baryta – this advanced technology enhances every detail and texture, guaranteeing images are depicted with striking clarity and depth.

The process not only preserves but also enriches tonal variations and detail, all while eliminating colour casts. 

Celebrated black & white photographer Phil Penman, who has experienced the benefits of the process, spoke of its power to enhance his storytelling: “This technology doesn’t just revisit photography’s origins; it expands them, enabling each image to narrate more impactful stories,” he remarks.

WhiteWall’s commitment extends beyond innovation; it also champions greater creative freedom through extensive customisation.

Photographers can opt for bespoke dimensions up to 240x122cm, with a wealth of finishing, framing and mounting options. 

Whether seeking a classic print with a white border for a gallery feel or a durable laminated piece, each product can be tailored to meet individual artistic visions and preferences.

Plus, specialised mounting systems tailored to the size and weight of each print ensure safe and straightforward display.

These are all easily accessible online, with sample packs readily available to help make the perfect choice.

Once you have created your personal masterpiece, secure delivery in art-grade packaging gives you the peace of mind it will arrive in perfect condition.

From start to finish, each phase is meticulously managed to maintain the highest standards of quality.

At WhiteWall, the goal is not just about producing excellent prints, but also elevating photography to an art form. As it continues to innovate and inspire, its services aim to both preserve and create lasting legacies. 

Visit the website today to discover how WhiteWall ultraHD sharpening can bring a whole new dimension to your photography.

You’ll find inspiration, valuable insights from creative partners and all the tools required to begin your exploration into high-definition monochrome photography.  

This feature was first published in Issue 115 of Photography News.

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