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A double win for Rotolight

Posted on Jan 31, 2024

British designed and manufactured, Rotolight’s AEOS 2 Pro is named the best LED light in our Photography News 2023 Awards, while its Neo 3 Pro has bagged best on-camera flash. We drill into the winning features in detail

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UK-based Rotolight is renowned for its advanced LED design and implementation, with top-notch brightness, industry-first features and seriously impressive value for customers. 

Catering to every size and power need, Rotolight’s devices find use among both enthusiastic amateurs and major Hollywood film crews. With its new flagship Anova Pro 3 set to launch this March, the focus is currently on two existing models which have captured the attentions of Photography News readers.

In Photography News’ annual awards, the Rotolight AEOS 2 Pro earned the title of best LED light, while the Rotolight Neo 3 Pro was recognised as the Editor’s Choice for best on-camera flash. 

Although Rotolight is celebrated first and foremost for its continuous lighting solutions, it is important for us to note that these LEDs also flash, making them the ultimate all-in-one equipment. But that’s not all: both models boast up to 25% more power output compared to previous iterations of the series. 

These Pro models likewise feature the industry first of built-in Godox, Profoto, Neewer and Pixapro flash receivers, building on existing compatibility with Elinchrom.

One look at both lights’ premium-quality dials and handles further reassures you that these are built to last – and worthy of the Pro name.

Rotolight AEOS 2 Pro
Rotolight AEOS 2 Pro

Millions of winning reasons

Further advantages include the ability to select from millions of colours with the simple turn of a dial, eliminating the need to put a physical gel on these cold-to-the-touch lights. Users can also set and save a preferred saturation level as a preset.

As well as choosing between a quite incredible 16.7 million light combinations, Rotolight has included 100+ presets from its Masters of Light Professional photographer ambassadors. These include Jake Hicks, Sam Nash and Miguel Quiles.

Both lights boast SFX presets designed by industry luminaries including two-time Emmy award winner Roy Wagner (Nightmare on Elm Street), VFX veteran Stefan Lange (No Time to Die) as well as previous ACS cinematographer of the year Denson Baker (The Colour Room, Ophelia, The Lumineers).

Not to mention, four selectable effects have been included: Fireworks, Candle, Disco and Throb.

Likewise, the lights feature a full-colour touchscreen display – a world first also on the Anova Pro 3 – letting operators choose and visualise colour presets and effects before capturing an image. This saves creatives time and money on the shoot, avoiding unnecessary post-production image editing.

On top of all this, Rotolight’s Neo 3 Pro is the world’s brightest on-camera LED light, offering 16 integral special effects compared with 12 on the Neo 3. Eye-catching red aluminium dials enhance its visual appeal when in action, too.

Second to none

Also sharing those key features is the workhorse-like option of the AEOS 2 Pro, a particularly portable unit with an ultra-thin form.

While solid in looks and feel, it’s relatively lightweight compared to its rivals at just 1.4kg. Additional features include custom red anodised handles, true aperture dimming – doing away with the need for a light meter – plus an integrated V-Lock battery plate.

The option to choose between as many as 16.7 million colours or 2500 digital filters is shared by both the Neo 3 Pro and the AEOS 2 Pro.

Whether on-camera or stand-alone, Rotolight ensures you have the best tool for creating award-winning visuals.

See the full list of Photography News Awards 2023 winners.

First published in Issue 113 of Photography News.

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