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Zhong Yi Optics adds budget Cine Lens

Posted on Oct 18, 2022

Zhong Yi Optics complete Micro Four Thirds cine lens line up with budget friendly Mitakon Speedmaster Cinema Lens 50mm T1. Perfect for filmmakers that use a variety of lenses

Zhong Yi Optics is already the leading wide-aperture lens manufacturer in China but completing its Micro Four Thirds line up has solidified its position. Sitting among four other focal lengths – covering wide angle to telephoto – the Mitakon Speedmaster Cinema Lens 50mm T1 is a lifeline for filmmakers on a tight budget.

Now offering an expanded field of view range, from 25° to 65°, the addition of the 50mm T1 means great flexibility in different shooting environments for filmmakers. Keeping trademark characteristics, similar bokeh and colour rendering, the T1 saves time in post, aligning the visual style of the video at different focal lengths.

The ultra-fast T1 aperture and close minimum focusing distance (60cm) creates buttery smooth and refined bokeh. A nine-blade circular aperture mechanism contributes to a pleasing round bokeh when used wide-open. Producing a look unrivalled by conventional lenses, the 50mm T1 magnificently separates the subject from its background.

Girl with brown hair and sunlight behind
Mitakon 50mm T1 Photo

Thanks to its ultra-fast nature, storytelling, narrative, wedding and interview shooting are a breeze, and the results from shooting in low light are promising. The T1 lens is designed to suppress the focus breathing, allowing focus pull without composition changes.

Retaining stunning colour contrast and sharpness of the image when aperture is wide open, or even against the light source, the Mitakon Speedmaster is impressive. The resultant image quality outclasses other lenses of similar specification and price range. If you’re searching for charming cinematic footage, look no further.

A unified front diameter and gear position of the 17/25/35/50mm lenses simplify the focus motor and matte box – filmmakers are free from the throes of incessant readjustment. The internal focus design means the physical size of the lens stay unchanged throughout entire focus throw. Precise scale markings mean accurate control of focus point even with extremely shallow depth of field at T1.

Zhong Yi Optics aligned the T1 stylistically with the rest of the range – a smart choice to fit within the line-up. A delicate and durable metallic exterior gives a solid feel, while the smooth aperture control ring provides precision. A high-quality protective case accompanies the purchase of any bundle.

Retail price of one lens is $399/£353. The retail price of the bundle with all 4 focal lengths is ($1,339/£1,184). A protective case will be gifted with each bundle purchased.

The Mitakon Speedmaster 50mm T1 Cine Lens for MFT cameras is available now on the Zhong website.

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