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MPB: Second to none

Posted on Mar 8, 2021

MPB is very good at buying and selling used equipment. It’s so good, in fact, the company has picked up a coveted PN Award. Here’s why…


MPB is changing the way we buy and sell used photographic equipment. As the world’s largest online platform for used photo and video kit, you can use it to free up space in your gadget bag by selling unwanted items without fuss and buying high-quality replacements in complete confidence. That’s because every item the company sells has been inspected by a team of product specialists and comes with a six-month warranty. No wonder Photography News readers voted MPB Best Used Retailer in our awards.

From small beginnings in Brighton, MPB has expanded into Europe and the US by offering the right price for every piece of kit based on make, model, condition and market, across a huge selection of camera bodies, lenses, filters and accessories.

Why sell to MPB?

Simplicity is the key with MPB. Its service is quick and easy, whether you’re buying, selling or both. If you’re looking to finance your next purchase, MPB makes trading kit simple. Start by using the online valuation tool on the website. Enter the details and condition of the item(s) you want to trade in, add your email address and you could have a price in seconds. Prices for certain items take longer, but MPB’s in-house experts aim to get an offer to you in a matter of hours. Once you’ve accepted, carefully box everything up and a courier will be arranged to pick up the kit from your doorstep at no cost to you.

MPB’s quotes are based on the information you provide, so honesty is always the best policy. Once the kit arrives with the company, MPB checks it over to make sure it’s in the stated condition and pays the money quickly. Within a couple of days, the cash reaches your bank account.

There’s more good news. If you’re overly pessimistic about the condition your kit is in and the MPB team thinks you’ve been unfair on yourself, they may increase their payment based on the original quote. It’s a complete win-win scenario!

Before you go rooting around in the loft for your parents’ old film cameras, it’s worth knowing exactly what MPB buys. Stills and video cameras should – with a few exceptions – be digital, but the company also accepts a wide range of lenses, plus accessories including flashguns, tripods, bags, batteries and filters. The range of accepted brands is similarly broad. If you’re in any doubt, just get in touch at

Good for you, good for the planet

Sustainability is increasingly important, and using MPB is one way of doing your bit for the planet. Every year, MPB recirculates more than 300,000 items to photographers and videographers, breathing new life into kit and keeping unnecessary waste out of landfill. The company is committed to making gear more accessible and affordable, and helping visualise a more sustainable future.

MPB warehouse
All kit received by MPB is checked over by a team of experts before being accepted. If the team feels you have been overly harsh assessing your kit, they will increase the amount offered

Why buy from MPB?

Put simply, buying from MPB makes your money go further. As all of the kit they sell is used, it’s guaranteed to be cheaper than buying brand new. How much money you save really depends on how particular you are about the condition of the equipment you buy.

For example, a brand-new Nikon Z 7 mirrorless camera body costs about £2500 at the time of writing. The same camera from MPB in ‘like new’ condition is available for £1879 and in ‘excellent’ condition for £1789. Both MPB models come with a six-month warranty, so if you don’t mind some very minor marks on your kit, you could save over £700. What’s more, if you’re prepared to buy kit that has the markings of a slightly harder life, the savings are even greater. But no matter what the equipment’s cosmetic appearance, you always get the reassurance of a six-month warranty.

Listen to MPB CEO Matt Baker

MPB is a proud supporter of The Photography News Podcast. You can send us a question to be answered on a forthcoming episode by one of MPB’s experts by emailing [email protected]. A few months ago, we were joined by MPB CEO Matt Baker who gave us a fascinating insight into how the company is run and why it should be your first port of call when buying and selling used kit. Listen to it here:

For more information, please visit the MPB website.

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