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A page-turner of an offer

Posted on Jul 10, 2023

The printing expert has your perfect match in paper available for the CEWE PHOTOBOOK 

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A large part of achieving exceptional prints starts with selecting the perfect paper. That’s why the CEWE PHOTOBOOK provides a comprehensive collection, encompassing everything from digital to the most traditional printing materials.

Our magnificent seven

There are seven carefully curated paper types selectable, each with their own unique property, texture and finish – but all with the united aim of delivering colourful, vibrant and impactful prints.

The first option is photographic paper. This makes for a thicker, firmer and more stable material than standard digital printing paper. In a CEWE PHOTOBOOK, lay-flat binding is also used, so that your images can display seamlessly across a double-page spread.

The choice here comprises Classic, Gloss and Matte Photographic Paper from Fujifilm. Respectively, these printing options boast incredible colour intensity and classic lustre finish, vibrant colours and strong contrasts, or subtle colours and fine detail on a smooth, non-reflective surface.

While one of the above photographic paper options may well be perfect for your needs, CEWE does alternatively offer a variety of digital printing papers.

Joining the three photographic paper options already outlined, are four digital printing papers. Classic Paper comes with a semi-matt finish to provide balanced contrasts and natural colours. High Gloss Paper features a gleaming finish to deliver vibrant colours, strong contrast and exceptional detail. True Matte Paper gifts us a matt finish and unique, shine-free texture with soft colours and muted contrasts. Lastly, 100% Recycled Paper has a silk-matt finish and otherwise produces a similar result to the Classic paper.

Prints on digital printing paper typically deliver more discreet colours and a soft, natural look. With the exception of CEWE’s High Gloss Paper, the surface of these papers possess subtle textures, creating a more tangible experience when handled. This works particularly well for black & white photos, as well as wide-angle landscapes and portraits, as contours are softened and lines appear gentler.

Another obvious advantage with digital printing paper is that it’s lighter, making it an ideal choice for creating a CEWE PHOTOBOOK that requires many pages. With the exception of High Gloss Paper, digital printing paper is also free of reflections – so anyone perusing the pages can enjoy an optimum view of all images from every angle.

Embracing sustainability

Naturally, in being a company that specialises in paper and print, eco-friendliness and sustainability have long been a concern. Since 2013, CEWE has been proud to hold certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the international non-profit organisation dedicated to the protection and management of the world’s forests. Adhering to the FSC principle, all paper CEWE uses originates from responsibly managed forests.

Whatever project you’re turning into a CEWE PHOTOBOOK, you can be sure that CEWE will provide the optimum paper type and finish, allowing your images to make for a real page-turner.

But don’t just take our word for it. For a first-hand demonstration, please order a CEWE Swatch Kit at

The kit is £9.99, with all orders receiving a £10 voucher that can be used towards your next purchase.

Originally published in Issue 109 of Photography News.


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