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Canon unveils a rangefinder camera for golfers

Posted on May 21, 2024

Canon has announced the release of the Canon PowerShot Golf, a compact laser rangefinder with a built-in camera

This device aims to combine precision rangefinding technology that precisely judges distances with a digital camera to help golfers perform accurate course assessments and document their round.

Rangefinding capabilities

When providing distance readings, the PowerShot Golf uses high-precision laser and pin-locking functions that target the closest object, even when multiple subjects are detected.

The device includes optics with 6x optical and 12x digital magnification, enabling detailed course assessment.


The PowerShot Golf is very small in size, fitting easily into a pocket and is water-resistant (IPX4 standard) for use in various weather conditions.

The built-in rechargeable battery charges via USB-C, offering convenience for extended use on the course.


Canon PowerShot Golf | Image: Canon

Other features

The device includes an optional Slope Mode that adjusts for elevation changes, providing ‘plays like’ distances to assist golfers in making informed club selections based on the terrain. There is also an image stabiliser to ensure a steady view.

Digital camera

The Powershot Golf also functions as a camera, capturing 11MP stills and Full HD videos with superimposed distance information.

In addition to this, it allows golfers to record voice memos so they can create a personal course diary, documenting shot analysis and game improvement.

Tournament compliance

The Powershot Golf could, of course, offer an unfair advantage in competitive situations, that’s why it is possible to switch off Slope Mode during tournament play.

A blue light on the unit indicates that the feature has been disabled and, as such, the device is approved as conforming with the Rules of Golf.

For more information, visit the Canon website.

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