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DxO Photolab sees improvements

Posted on Nov 29, 2020

Photolab is a powerful image editing software and its power has been enhanced in v4 with a smart workspace, batch renaming and an advanced history tool, all designed to improve workflow.

Its biggest attraction for many, however, could be DeepPrime, a revolutionary de-mosaicing and de-noising technology using artificial intelligence and deep learning to give amazing noise reduction of high ISO Raw shots. DeepPrime has been trained using several billion samples looking at digital noise, different situations, loss of sharpness and lens aberrations from each camera/lens combination measured by DxO since 2003. This means your old Raws can also benefit from DeepPrime, too.

We tried DeepPrime on an ISO 4000 Raw shot below and you can see the benefit clearly.

The full version of DxO Photolab 4 is £109 for the Essential edition and £169 for the Elite version. For existing DxO owners upgrading, the Essential version is £59 and the Elite £69.

For more information, please visit the DxO website.

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