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Kodak Professional Photo Chemicals Reintroduced in Europe

Posted on Apr 10, 2024

Kodak has announced the return of its Professional Photo Chemicals to the European market

Analogue photography enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that Kodak has shown additional commitment to the pursuit, with the European reintroduction of their Professional Photo Chemicals range. The reintroduction includes the acclaimed Black and White Chemistry range, Colour Negative and E-6 Chemistry.

Black and White Chemistry Range

The first phase of the reintroduction focuses on the Black and White Chemistry line, featuring well-regarded products from the days of analogue photography processing, such as XTOL, T-MAX, and D-76. These chemicals are designed to cater for a variety of black and white photographic styles and subjects.

Colour Negative and E-6 Chemistry

Later in the year will also see the return of Kodak’s Colour Negative and E-6 Chemistry products, which broadens the range of chemicals to cater for both colour and black and white film processing.


Dupli has been appointed as the official distributor for Kodak Professional Photo Chemicals in Europe, making them available to photo stores and professionals throughout the region.

For more information and purchase, contact [email protected] or visit

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