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Power Play

Posted on May 17, 2022

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Never run out of juice with these versatile, portable Explorer packs from Jackery

We’ve all been there. A beautiful photo opportunity presents itself, you flick on the camera ready to record it, and the dreaded ‘battery low’ indicator blinks menacingly on the LCD. Noooooo! It’s the same with your phone, laptop – any electronic device, in fact. But, thanks to Jackery, you can make battery anxiety a thing of the past and keep on creating great images – even when away from power for multiple days at a time.

Jackery’s Explorer range of portable power stations offer quick, convenient charging on the go. Not only do they provide a conventional AC plug socket – they also feature multiple USB ports, DC inputs and a cigarette-lighter-style connection, for easy attachment of multiple devices. A large, clear LCD screen informs you of charge status, while the advanced battery management system means it is safe and reliable at all times.

Portable and lightweight, three Explorer models are available, offering increasing levels of power depending on your needs (see table above). The entry-level Explorer 240, for example, offers 240 Watt hours (Wh), which should allow a camera battery to be charged ten times. The range-topping Explorer 1000, meanwhile, provides a whopping 1002Wh: that’s enough  to recharge a laptop 12 times, a camera 50 times – or a phone 100 times. Off-the-grid photography  and camping trips are go!

If you want even more versatility for longer outings, all three Explorers are compatible with solar panels, for fast and efficient recharging. The panels can be bought as part of a Solar Generator kit with the power station, or separately. 

Jackery power stations are the go-to solution for photographers who like to roam, or those who travel away from a regular power source. Any one of the three units, with or without the solar panels, will enable you to wave goodbye to battery anxiety – and say hello to new-found creative freedom.

Jackery is available on: Jackery & Amazon

Originally published in Issue 99 of Photography News.

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