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The Power of Neo

Posted on Feb 18, 2022

Skylum’s latest editing software introduces new unique AI technologies to achieve incredible results with nothing more than a mouse click

Luminar Neo is a powerful software driven by artificial intelligence with features to improve images creatively and technically, quickly and seamlessly.

Relight AI lets you adjust lighting by automatically isolating areas within a scene that need correction for better contrast control and creative effects. Combine Relight AI with other Neo scene aware tools and the lighting of any image can be adjusted.

If your images are afflicted with sensor dust spots or you have great shots that are currently ruined by power cables, Neo has the AI skills to help you out, and the results are accurate and the process is fast to save you potentially hours of cloning and healing.

These are just three highlights of Neo and there’s so much more. It’s a Raw processor and cataloguing software and has the creative potential of Luminar AI with features such as sunrays, sky replacement and there’s layers too.

Available for Mac and Windows, Neo is available with a one year subscription ($79 for one user, $99 for two) or with a lifetime license ($79 or one user and $99 for two). The subscription model offers the extra benefit of all future updates and all new future add-ons. The outright purchase model will have performance and stability updates and will be updated this spring with the Portrait Background Removal and Mask.

Check out the website for details.

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