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Hahnemühle: The finest paper selection… naturally

Posted on Mar 9, 2021

Hahnemühle’s fine art inkjet paper paves the way for a sustainable photo-printing future, and the quality is robust and sublime


Within the technological elements of photography, such as high-resolution sensors, rapid autofocus and phenomenal
low-light performance, it seems new groundbreaking standards are set every few months – much to all of our joy. Conversely, the art’s more traditional aspects – namely film or print media – have been less revolutionary. Across the board, these stubborn ever-presents are considered just that by many. With its Natural Line fine art inkjet paper range, however, Hahnemühle has done something quite special.

Made from bamboo, hemp and agave, the Natural Line is produced in an end-to-end sustainable manner, setting environmental standards that Hahnemühle exemplifies with its Green Rooster initiative. The papers are even certifiably vegan. Nonetheless, this would be something of a hollow victory if the photographic product wasn’t up to the task. Thankfully, that’s far from the case.

“The Natural Line series of papers is particularly popular with our customers. The print quality is second to none and the papers have a unique surface and tactile quality. Artists are drawn to these natural papers.” – Michael Setek, Art4site director, a Hahnemühle-certified studio

At a weighty 290gsm, the paper quality is evident the moment they’re held. Each material offers something slightly unique. Optical brighteners are absent due to their pure, natural tone. On top of that, the slightly textured finish offers a sense of depth and richness, though printed images remain sharp and colour accurate for true fine art results.

With its Natural Line, Hahnemühle inspires exquisite printing finishes for environmentally conscious photo enthusiasts

Simon Waller, Hahnemühle’s UK general manager, says: “We are delighted to have been awarded Best Inkjet Media: Fine Art Finish by the Photography News. Hahnemühle has led the market in fine art inkjet paper for the past 20 years, developing innovative products as we move with market trends and reflect the needs of fine artists, photographers, printmakers and illustrators. The Hahnemühle Natural Line brings us to a new market first, using highly renewable fibres – bamboo, hemp and agave – while maintaining high performance and longevity. In recent years, we’ve seen professional artists and photographers become increasingly concerned about the environment and look for ways to reduce their impact. Our new environmental choices of fine art media are one way of reducing environmental impact while retaining the sensation of the printed image.”

While it’s easy to be fooled into thinking that entirely natural papers are fragile, in fact, these are exceptionally durable. As such, they don’t simply offer a sublime print for the present, they offer stunning artwork the longevity it deserves.

It’s for this reason the range has been the subject of much acclaim, including the German Brand of the Century accolade, TIPA World Awards 2020 recognition and a recent win in our Photography News 2020 Awards as Best Inkjet Media: Fine Art Finish.

For those wishing to discover which of the nuanced options is the right fit for their work, a sample pack is available, with two sheets of bamboo, two sheets of hemp and two sheets of agave media.

Find out more on Hahnemühle’s website.

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