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Hire A Camera: Higher service

Posted on Mar 9, 2021

Buying a new camera or the latest super telephoto lens is not always affordable or practical, and the only option is to rent it. One of the UK’s leading rental houses is Hire a camera and it recently won the Photography News Best Specialist Service Award. Here’s why….


Whether you’re in need of a special lens for a specific project or photo opportunity, or simply want to try out that new flagship camera before taking the plunge and buying it, gear rental is an invaluable service to photographers. Providing excellent service across the UK, Hire A Camera ticks all the boxes that we look for in a rental house: leading value for money, massive range of hire stock, ease of delivery and returns, and of course, great, friendly service. That explains why Hire a camera earned the majority of reader votes and won the Photography News 2020 Best Specialist Service provider award!

From premium compacts for those looking to take something capable but condensed on holiday, to digital medium format behemoths producing 102megapixel files with detail that will take your breath away, just about all of the most popular camera models from brands like Canon, Nikon, Sony and Fujifilm are stocked and available to rent at any one time. We counted at least 12 different lens mounts, from 14 different manufacturers to choose from the last time we looked on their site – a range not to be sniffed at! There’s also all of the studio lighting and camera accessories you could want to use, and a whole section for videography gear too including audio and streaming accessories, so that no matter what equipment you’re in search of – Hire A Camera really can be your one-stop shop. Not sure what particular product will help you to achieve your aims? An experienced customer team is on hand to guide you through the process and give you advice, should you need it. They’ll even check your order at every stage for compatibility and to make sure that nothing gets overlooked. With constant investment in new stock, that latest lens or mirrorless camera is sure to be just waiting for you on its site ready to be took for a spin.

Hire a camera prides itself on many factors including having extensive stocks of the very latest kit available for customers to hire

Rentals from Hire A Camera can be for as short as a day or for multiple weeks, with pricing remaining competitive throughout. Thanks to live stock availability on their website (the only rental house to offer this), and the ability to submit your order online 24/7, you can confirm your chosen equipment in minutes. Couriered delivery to your door is super speedy too, with same-day delivery possible in London (something that could be invaluable in getting you out of a jam) and next-day delivery for the rest of the UK. All items are fully checked and cleaned before being sent out and come packaged in padded hard cases, so there’s never a risk of kit arriving damaged. Not going to be at home for a while, or going straight from one job to another? You can even arrange to click-and-collect nationwide at one of 38 retail stores. Courier collection after your rental is also included in the price, and again, can be arranged for an alternative location or from a drop-off point if desired.

Courier collection after your rental is included in the price

Let’s face it, that super telephoto prime for the wildlife trip of a lifetime is a tempting purchase, but it’s hard to justify if it’s only ever going to get occasional use. However, thanks to rental, you don’t have to wave goodbye to those potential award-winning images, you can still take the lens of your dreams with you, and hopefully – come back with the results! It’s exactly this kind of scenario where good rental houses are indispensable – and why Hire A Camera should definitely be on your radar.

Find out more over on Hire A Camera’s website.

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