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H&Y launches new variant CPL filter and magnetic clip-on ND filter

Posted on Jan 28, 2022

The company also recently unveiled a new magnetic cap for their k-series filter system

H&Y has just announced the addition of a new MRC CPL filter and magnetic clip-on ND filter to its Revoring variable adapter ring ecosystem.

H&Y’s latest CPL filter is purportedly the first ever filter to fit on lenses of different thread sizes. Gone are the days of fiddling about with filters as you switch between lenses – this is a one-size-fits-all kind of filter, perfect for photographers working on location. Made from aluminium, the cap is lightweight and durable, boasting an anodised finish that protects the ring from corrosion when shooting in adverse weather conditions. The filter is designed to reduce light reflection and glare, and enhances colour saturation and image contrast. The H&Y Revoring MRC CPL filter retails at £120 for the 46-62mm, and £130 for the other two sizes 58-77mm and 67-82mm.

Also joining the Revoring line up is a new magnetic clip-on ND filter, great for lovers of long exposure. The ND filter has been designed to prevent cross-polarisation (when an X-pattern appears in the image), a common problem when using ND filters with wide angle lenses. This filter can be used with other H&Y Revoring VND filters to remove this defect. As with the CPL filter, it uses magnets to snap onto your lens with ease. The filter comes in different strengths – 4x, 8x, 16x and 400x – and the 46-62mm is priced at £109, with the 58-77mm and 67-82mm at £129.

H&Y has also recently unveiled a new magnetic holder cap for their signature K-series filter system. It claims to be the first ever magnetic system for square filters. Magnets in the holder cap and filter frame allow users to attach as many filters together as they need. It retails at around £19.

For more information, head to H&Y’s website.

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