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Phottix launches G-Capsule softboxes

Posted on Jan 26, 2023

Made with the hybrid photographer in mind, the G-Capsule is an all-in-one lighting tool

Phottix has released the G-Capsule, a multifunctional panorama light softbox available in eight size variations. Featuring four modes and offered with a range of accessories, the versatile G-Capsule will complement still photography, videography, event lighting and more.

Lighting equipment can be bulky, and switching between modifiers tedious. The G-Capsule is designed to offer convenience and simplify the overall process. It can alternate between modes — Softbox, Grid, Beauty Dish and Lantern — to support a range of aesthetic preferences. Softbox mode utilises a removable shoot-through umbrella, whilst with Lantern mode, users need only attach a lantern modifier to achieve even, omnidirectional lighting. 

Users can adjust mood and temperature without changing modes using a choice of four gel filters (red, yellow, blue and green), and a magnetic holder enables quick switching between colours. Additionally, a ‘one-push’ release system aids speedy assembly — a potential time-saver during shoots.

The Phottix G-Capsule in Deep 40cm — one of eight options

The G-Capsule also comes in eight distinct shapes and sizes, such as round, rectangular or deep, to support additional equipment. An S-Type speedring makes the G-Capsule compatible with several popular brands, including Bowens and Godox, while speedrings for Elinchrom and Profoto products are sold separately.

Finally, the softbox is made from heat-resistant material. Able to tolerate temperatures up to 120°C, it’s suitable for use with LEDs and other high-power lights.

The G-Capsule is available now from £139 at UK retailers. Learn more by visiting Phottix’s website.

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